Prafix is the German word for “prefix” and has existed in one facet or another since 2002.  Over the course of my studies and career, I have worked with several professors and worked with several professionals that have helped inform and shape what exactly prafix is.
At this point, I’d like to acknowledge some influential colleagues and their study areas that I will continue to draw from with my research.
  • Brian McKenzie, Urban Sociology and Demographic Statistics
  • John Pipkin, Psychogeography and Phenomenology
  • Robert Sanders, Communication Theory
  • Sean Rintel, Computer Mediated Communication
  • David Lewis, Economic Development
  • Grit Lauber, Graphic Design and Typography
  • Floyd Henderson, Remote Sensing and Aerial Interpretation
  • Erik Hage, Journalism and Mass Media Communication
 The topics here within will be Technical and Theoretical in nature and will revolve around all aspects of Geographic Communication.
I look forward to developing prafix further and appreciate any critical feedback.
Thanks a ton,

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