How does Geography inform Search Engine Marketing?

Geography and Search Engine Marketing

This article is the third part of a 4 part series on Geography’s Role in Online Internet Marketing.

How does Geography inform Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing relies on geography to make sense of what marketing messages should be displayed to which potential customers.  Most platforms, like Bing, Google AdWords and Facebook, give marketers a graphical user interface in order to select target geographies for their given messages.  This allows an advertising message to developed and targeted to a specific location.

Although a search engine marketing messages can be focused on a given city, town or neighborhood doesn’t necessarily mean that the marketers craft their content in hyper local manner.  This could be due to limited knowledge of internet advertising platforms.  This could also be due to websites themselves not taking full advantage of HTML5 features that are currently available to determine the location of a user on a mobile phone or a desktop computer’s browser not pulling the most accurate IP Address location.

Measuring success of online advertising campaigns, using Bing, Google and Facebook, is oftentimes more focused on click-rates on the SEM ads themselves and conversions on a company’s website, instead of on measuring the location of the customer themselves.  Ultimately, businesses need to know where the customers are and what their buying habits and interests are.  Without having a means to effectively quantify customer location within a SEM campaign, online advertising will have to rely on communicating messages based on search habits instead of interest based on proximity.

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