How does Geography inform Search Engine Optimization?

Geography and Search Engine Optimization

This article is the second part of a 4 part series on how Geography’s Roles in Online Internet Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing tool that businesses use to promote their website content.  A good SEO strategy involves all facets of a website and mixed forms of media, including rich images and videos.  However, text is the most important part to an SEO campaign.  This is due to how optimization relies on two things – search engines and websites with business content.  Search engines, such as Google and Bing!, use algorithms behind the scenes in order to provide you with the most accurate and relevant results based on your query.

How does Geography inform Search Engine Optimization?

Associating keywords with content is central to an SEO campaign.  Often times internet marketers rely on geographical references, such as a city or neighborhood, to ensure that their website ranks high among a given search result.  This is one form of geographies influence on internet marketing, but doesn’t necessarily include any sort of spatial data as to where the customer physically conducted their search from.

Sure, SEO could be used to measure the amount of times a given geographical keyword was referenced in order to bring traffic to a given website.  However, this relies on a potential customer to project their spatial identity into the search box.   This is to say, that a customer needs to think of themselves as a person in a place in order to refine their search results.  The issue here is that there are multiple cities, towns and neighborhoods that could make up a media market.

Ultimately the big advantage of internet marketing is the fragmentation of audiences.  Not just their fragmentation in taste, but their fragmentation in space.  This allows marketers to fine tune a message to a particular neighborhood, but relies on these messages being crafted in a manner that are relevant to a given place’s identity.

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